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For those clients who desire true Deep Work, there is...
Barefoot Deep Tissue DVD by John Harris
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Trisoma® - Ending the Cycle of Myofascial Pain®

NEWS: We are not currently accepting new clients, but readers can find referrals, videos, books and other materials at our Products Page.

Specializing in modalities clinically shown to promote pain relief, wellness, healing and relaxation, Trisoma® provides bodywork, instruction and student coaching. Past associations include Dallmeyer Physical Therapy, Laguna Physical Therapy, Cottage Hospital, Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital and for Corporate Touch.

barefoot Barefoot Deep Tissue

Trigger Point Therapy Trigger Point Therapy

Myofascial Release Myosoma™ Myofascial Release


Swedish Massage

Client Information

  • Contraindications/ Medical Referral

    Doctor's indication for bodywork is always recommended, and sometimes required for certain health conditions (such as thrombosis) and during use of certain medications (such as blood thinners). Severe muscle spasms, and injuries such as tissue tears, are also included as contraindications for typical manipulative bodywork (i.e. massage not recommended.)
    Rebound headaches and specific myofascial related pain may occur after Swedish or other massage therapy. During a Swedish or other massage, latent trigger points may be massaged just enough to trigger them, but not precisely enough to release them; or they may be overworked which can irritate them.
    If therapeutic treatment such as Myosoma™ Myofascial Release or Trigger Point Therapy does not produce significant results within 1 to 3 visits, then medical referral may be necessary.
Chair Massage

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